How to Add Guests

There are two ways to add guests to your poll. One is to send the to your guests so they can add themselves to the poll. The other is to and have WhenAvailable send them an email notification, asking them to vote in the poll. For each poll, you can , but that can cause confusion.

In the "Add Guests" section you either copy the shareable link and send it to your guests or send the invitations directly from the application:

adding guests
1. Shareable link

The first option is sending the shareable link to your guests. The shareable link allows anyone who has the link to add themselves to the poll (for free polls the 20 people limit still applies). You can share the link on social media, with sms, or however works best for you.

When the guests open the link they will see the current state of the poll. They will have the option to include only their name, or add both their name and email when they add themselves to the poll:

guest adding themselves to poll

The poll will update in real time as the guests enter their votes.

guest voting
2. Send invitations

The second option is to send email notifications directly to your guests through WhenAvailable. Each guest will then receive a unique link to the poll in the email.

To send the notifications through WhenAvailable enter the names and email addresses of your guests. You can add multiple guests by copying and pasting a list of names and emails seperated by a comma, e.g. Ann Smith, Don, Tony

adding guests to poll

The email the recipient receives looks along these lines:

guest email screenshot

Asking your guests to vote in the poll by sending them an email through WhenAvailable keeps the poll more private than using the shareable link as you define who can vote in the poll. In the email, each guest receives a unique link to the poll so you have more control over who has access to it.

3. Send an invitation AND share the shareable link

For each poll, you can either send an email from WhenAvailable, share a general link to the poll, or both. However, it can be confusing to the recipient, if you use both methods for the same poll, so we advise against it.

When you add guests to the poll they’ll each receive an email with a unique link to the poll. If those same guests also receive the shareable link and attempt to add themselves to the poll using that link the poll won’t allow it. To fix this you can either:

  • Ask your guests to search their email (inbox & spam) for an email sent from and open the poll from the email instead of from the shareable link.
  • Remove the guests you added from your poll so that each guest can add themselves to the poll. When you have removed the guests from the poll they won’t be able to open the poll from the link in the email anymore.

To avoid confusion though, we advise against using both methods for the same poll.