• Group Scheduling

  • Create availability polls in a snap.

  • Choose from a wide selection of background themes.

  • Share polls with a link or send email invitations.

  • Guests vote without having to sign in.

  • Completely ad-free.

Let us show you how

Simply create a poll with any number of date and time options for your event. Then send the poll to your guests either by sharing the general link to the poll or by having WhenAvailable send them an email invitation to vote in the poll. That’s it! You can watch the votes come in real-time as your guests enter their preferences. When ready, pick the best date/time for the event directly from the poll. Check out our for more details.

how to easily suggest dates and times

Select date/time options for your event and share with your friends.

how guests can easily vote

Without having to log in, your friends can mark their availability for the proposed dates.

how easy it is to pick the best date and time

Schedule your event on the date that works for everyone!

Pricing that works for everyone

Create an unlimited number of FREE polls with up to 20 guests each. Customize them with one of our many background templates. If you need to include a larger group of people for a single poll, OneTime premium offers just that. Get the Premium subscription to upgrade all your polls and save your frequently used guest lists. For more details check out our .



$ 10


$ 38

No ads
Premium polls 0 1 UNLIMITED
Import Google Calendar & Contacts
Sync with Google Calendar
Chat messages
Number of guests 20 UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Number of guest groups 1 1 UNLIMITED
Send reminders
Cover image & Logo
Vote on behalf of your guests
Limit votes per date/time
Download CSV or XLSX (web only)
Duplicate polls
Create Free Poll


I run an informal tennis club where I need a really good polling program in order to arrange matches for my 40-odd, not-very-technologically-savvy, members. I was delighted to discover WhenAvailable. In its simplicity of use and its quality of output it surpasses by a long chalk what I had used before. It is an outstanding piece of software which I heartily recommend to anyone who has to try to organise events for a club, society or similar grouping.


London, UK

WhenAvailable is a quick and easy way to find my friend’s availability for both small and large events. It’s super user-friendly and makes identifying the winning date really simple. I recommend WhenAvailable to anyone looking to minimize discussions back and forth and maximize the number of people at the party!


Reykjavík, Iceland

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