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Our objective is to provide the best user experience. Here we’ll list our latest updates to keep you posted on what is happening on our development front.

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Dec 2021

Search for the Right Theme

With our growing theme selection we wanted to make it easier for you to find the right theme for your event. We added a basic search so that now you can type in a keyword and we’ll match it to our available templates. Remember that if you don’t find the theme you are looking for, let us know what we are missing and we’ll consider including it in our next theme upgrade.

Dec 2021

New Themes for Food, Outdoor activity, Art, and more.

Planning a hike or a camping trip? A photo shoot or a family reunion? An art & wine night with friends? We have themes for that! We’ve also added themes for science, xmas, cheerleading and more.

Nov 2021

Delightful Emails with Themes

When you add a theme to your poll your emails are now also decorated with the theme. Pick one of our many theme options to use with your next poll and see how delightful the emails (and of course the poll too!) look.

email with a movie theme screenshot
email with a popsicle theme screenshot
Nov 2021

Adding Guests Upgrade

The section for adding guests to your poll has received a facelift. We’ve separated the two ways of adding guests to your poll to make the options clearer. Either you share the poll with a general link (the shareable link) and your guests add themselves to your poll or you enter the guests yourself in the poll and each guest receives a unique link in an email. We’ve added more text within the sections for each method to explain how this works.

add guests section animation
Oct 2021

Search Contacts in iOS and Android Apps

We improved the performance and UI for when you add guests to your poll in both the iOS and Android apps. You can now search your contacts for quicker selection. If you haven’t already, check out our (ads free!) app on the or .

search contacts in apps screenshot
Oct 2021

More background templates!

We’ve added more themes to go with your polls. Planning a parent meeting for your team? Check out our many sports-themed templates. Organizing a dog owner meetup in the park? Use one of our cute dog-themed backgrounds. Are you a city planner or a project leader? We’ve got templates to cover all kinds of group meetings, both for business or school as well as for social gatherings. Our latest release includes also pride, cowboy, birthday, decorative, and some seasonal themes.

Oct 2021

WhenAvailable Mentions on the Web

Check out our new page! The page lists blogs, articles, or comparison sites where WhenAvailable has been mentioned. Let us know if we are missing anything

Oct 2021

Pick Final Date

When your guests have voted in your poll you can mark the date you pick for your event. Your guests will then be notified of the date selection. Our users have mentioned that they’ve had a hard time finding where to pick the final date so we’ve moved it to a better location to the right of the votes:

pick final date screenshot
Sep 2021

New Help Center!

We’ve started adding articles with step-by-step guides as well as information on various things that WhenAvailable has to offer. We’ll be adding more guides along the way, but check out what we created already.

help center screenshot
Sep 2021

Better Vote Details

We’ve improved how you can access and view the vote details in your poll. Each date/time option has a vote details link which reveals how your guests voted for that option. You can view the vote details simultaneously for multiple date/time options. Your guests can also view the vote details unless you have opted to hide the guest list.

vote details screenshot
Aug 2021

Download Poll Data

We’ve added an option for premium polls to download the poll data in a CSV format. This enables the host to download the poll data, i.e. how the guests voted for each date/time suggestion, and import it to a spreadsheet application. Any poll can be upgraded to a premium poll either with the OneTime Premium upgrade or with the Premium subscription. Downloading the poll data is currently available on the web only.

Aug 2021

More Themes: Yoga, chess, disco, horses, etc

We are listening to your theme suggestions! Look what we just added:

Aug 2021

Increased privacy for polls with a hidden guest list

If the host opted to hide the guest list then only s/he can add a public chat message in the poll. However, the guests (with verified email) will be able to send private messages to the host if the host has that option enabled.

June 2021

Better event details

We’ve learned from your feedback that the event details field did not allow for enough content. We’ve improved on that so now you can include all the details you want!

Did you miss something in your event details and you’ve already shared the poll? Don’t worry! Starting from our latest release, you can also edit the details anytime after you create the poll.

June 2021

New Summer Themes

We’ve been listening to your theme suggestions and added more summer and food related selections. Find when your friends are available for a bbq or a picnic with a beautiful WhenAvailable poll.

May 2021

Themes, Themes, Themes!

We just added new themes for biking, tennis, fishing, music, and more. Keep your suggestions for additional themes coming!

May 2021

Calendar view for your replies

Now your poll will also display the suggested dates in a calendar view. The calendar view is available to you both as the host and as the guest.

The calendar view allows you to import your Google Calendar which makes it easier to see at a glance which dates work best for you.

You can enter your vote for any particular date that is suggested from the calendar view and, if you are the host, you can add additional dates to your poll right there from the calendar.

Apr 2021

More fun Themes!

Check out the new themes for golf, graduation, camping, kids play, and more:

Apr 2021

Suggest multiple additional days in your existing poll

We’ve made it easier for users to add multiple additional days to an existing poll. Add multiple dates and then choose whether or not to notify the guests who have already voted, about the additional days.

Mar 2021

Same time for multiple dates

Add the same time slot to multiple, selectable, dates when creating a poll. Users can now select which dates to apply the same time to which makes it easier to include multiple, repeated, time options in the poll.

Mar 2021

Android & iOS apps launched

Both Android & iOS users can rejoice as their favorite web application is now also available as native apps on their devices!

We’re proud to announce the launch of WhenAvailable on Google Play for Android and on the Apple Store for iOS.

Get it on Apple Store
Get it on Apple Store
Get it on Google Play
Mar 2021

New additional Themes

Thank you all for your theme suggestions—keep them coming! We’ve added a few more options based on your feedback like music, summer, and ocean:

Jan 2021

Outlook option added to save to calendar

You can now save the date to your Google calendar, Yahoo calendar, iCal, and Outlook

Jan 2021

More themes

Our latest theme additions, café, bridal shower, solid backgrounds, movie, and more:

Dec 2020

Check out our new promo videos!

Make fun plans with your friends and find when works best for everyone with WhenAvailable.

Add character to your poll using one of our many themes.

Real-time polling—watch your poll as the votes come in, page reloading is history.

Dec 2020

Camping, beach trip, gaming and more fun themes!

Our theme concept has been well received, so we are adding more options. We plan to gradually add more variety and welcome your input!

Dec 2020

with Apple added

Apple users, we are here for you too! We’ve now added the option to sign-in with Apple so now users can choose between signing-in with email & password, Google, or Apple.

Nov 2020

Introducing Themes!

How about adding some character to you poll? Are you planning a holiday brunch, birthday party, bookclub meeting, or a game night? Jazz up your poll and find when works best for your friends with WhenAvailable. We’ll be adding more themes as we go and welcome your ideas.

Nov 2020

Stripe portal to manage your subscription

Stripe recently made a customer portal available which we are now enabling for our subscribers. From the "My Profile" page you can now manage your Premium subscription, like updating your credit card, or canceling the subscription, directly in the portal.

Aug 2020

FAQ added

We’ve compiled a list to help answer the most common questions we receive. However, please feel free to reach out to us if these don’t answer your questions or you need any clarification. We are here to help.

Jun 2020

Real-time Polls

We are so excited to announce that we upgraded our system so that your polls always reflect real-time data. This applies to everything on the poll reply page, from the poll details, votes, and chat. Watch the votes come in as they happen, or chat with your guests in real time. Reloading the page is now history!

As this is a major milestone we decided to make this the beginning of our "What’s New" page.