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Our objective is to provide the best user experience. Here we’ll list our latest updates to keep you posted on what is happening on our development front.

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Jun 2024

Additional themes

Transform ordinary polls into delightful experiences with our latest themes! Whether you’re planning a D&D game night, a backyard BBQ, a team workout, a productive meeting, a cupcake party, or a diving trip, we’ve got the perfect theme for you.

Jun 2024

We’ve just dropped a ton of solid background colors

We’re expanding your customization options. In addition to our existing themes, you can now choose from a wide range of solid background colors. See a sample of the colors added below but head to the in our Help Center to browse our entire background offerings.

May 2024

Default vote control for poll creators

Organizers now have more control over their voting participation in polls they create. By default, they are automatically marked as having voted "YES" for all date/time options within the poll. However, organizers have the flexibility to change this and remain unvoted if they prefer.

Screenshot the Hub
May 2024

Your new Hub is here!

We’ve created a Hub where you can easily access all the resources you need in one place. Get to your latest polls, profile information, preference settings, guest groups, and more—all at your fingertips. Sign in to your account and explore your Hub today!

Screenshot the Hub
Apr 2024

Theme additions

We added themes for travel, pool party, DND, fishing, reading, cupcakes and more. Check out our entire selection in the in our Help Center.

Mar 2024

Cookie consent

We’ve recently updated our website to give you more control over your privacy. We use cookies to provide you with a better user experience, but we understand that you may want to choose which cookies are stored on your device.

By visiting our website, you’ll now see a cookie consent banner that explains what cookies are and why we use them. You’ll have the option to accept all cookies, decline them, or customize your preferences to allow only certain types of cookies.

We’re committed to respecting your privacy and giving you choices. Thanks for visiting our site!

Feb 2024

More Use Cases

Three new use case examples are live: Integrating WhenAvailable on your site, setting up volunteer schedules, and managing your tutoring offerings.

  • Boost your online presence: Learn how to effortlessly integrate WhenAvailable onto your website with our new use case example.
  • Simplify volunteer management: Discover how to set up efficient volunteer schedules using WhenAvailable, as illustrated in our new use case.
  • Empower your tutoring sessions: Optimize your tutoring offerings as showcased in our new use case example.

Check out all our use cases here: .

Feb 2024


We know some users have been searching for a "Save" button after voting on our platform. However, our system automatically saves votes instantly, without requiring any additional action. In order to provide our users a peace of mind, we’ve added a subtle indicator to confirm the votes have automatically been saved.

Jan 2024

API integration

Now you can streamline scheduling with WhenAvailable’s API integration.

Effortlessly create pre-filled availability polls directly from your website. Our seamless API integration empowers your website users to initiate pre-filled availability polls on our platform with a single click. This integration ensures a cohesive user experience and eliminates the need for manual data entry, enhancing convenience and efficiency. Check out our .

Jan 2024

Theme Explorer

To enhance your polling experience, we have introduced a dedicated page, which allows you to easily find the perfect visual backdrop for your poll.

Jan 2024

Check out our latest theme additions

Our themes include everything from meetings, travel, hiking, to parties, gaming and sports. Using our themes is absolutely free. Here are our newest additions:

Dec 2023

Homepage refresh

We’ve given our homepage a little facelift. It now features images showcasing our product with various background themes.

Screenshot of a new image on the home page
Nov 2023

Sync with your Google Calendar

Our new feature lets you sync your suggested date/time options with your Google Calendar, ensuring you are never double-booked. Your date/time suggestions will be gently placed as "holds" in your Google Calendar, preventing any scheduling clashes. Once you've chosen the perfect time for your event, the "holds" will vanish, leaving only the confirmed time slot. And to make things even sweeter, you can easily add your guests to the confirmed Google Calendar event, making it a breeze to keep everyone in the loop.

This is a Premium feature.

Nov 2023

Our theme selection keeps growing!

We are constantly adding new themes to our collection based on your feedback. The new themes this time include friends, concert, tacos, chili, meeting, gala, dungeons and dragons and more.

Oct 2023

Vote count added to table view

We are constantly working to improve our site and its usability and welcome your feedback. For those of you who prefer the table view to view the results, we’ve added the vote count to give a quick summary of how many have voted "yes" for any particular date/time option.

Screenshot showing a table view with yes votes count
Oct 2023

Add guest by name only

Have you ever wanted to add someone to your poll without sending them an invitation? Maybe it is your grandparents who verbally told you when worked for them or your boss whose schedule you manage. Whatever it is, you might want to complete the guest list in your poll and now you can! Simply add them and their votes to your poll using their names only.

This is a Premium feature.

Sep 2023

Duplicate polls

We are excited to announce a new feature that allows you to duplicate polls! This means that you can easily create a new poll based on an existing poll. This can be helpful for a variety of purposes, such as creating a poll with the same date/time options but for different audience.

To duplicate a poll, simply go to the poll that you want to duplicate and click on the Duplicate poll link in the poll setting menu. You can then make any changes that you want to the new poll.

This is a Premium feature.

Aug 2023

Better table view

We've made the table view on desktop wider to make it easier to read. The table now utilizes more of the screen width, so you can see more date and time options at once.

Screenshot showing a table view
Aug 2023

Sending messages when guests are hidden

We’ve enabled private messages to the organizer from any guest in the poll regardless if the guest entered an email address or not. If the guest did provided an email address then the organizer can reply directly to the email.

Aug 2023


New background theme images that were added this time include holidays, robots, superheroes, food, halloween, carnival, sports and more.

Aug 2023

Default RSVP view

Do you prefer the Table view but whenever you view a poll you have to start by selecting your favorite view? On desktop, no longer. Now the view you selected last time will be remembered and made into your default view for any poll you view. You can of course still switch between the available views to get the details you need.

Jun 2023

Additional themes

We added themes for travel, choir, games, genealogy, pickleball, rock climbing, hiking, celebration, and more, as well as a few neutral backgrounds and patterns.

Apr 2023

Limit votes per date/time option

For "Yes only" polls, the organizer can limit the number of guest who can vote for a date/time option. The limit can be set individually for each date/time or the same for all options. This is a premium feature.

Screenshot showing limit votes per date/time option
Apr 2023

Limit guest count

The organizer can limit the number of guests in a poll. This is most useful if the organizer shares a link to a poll and the guests are adding themselves to that poll. The organizer can now put a cap on how many guests can add themselves to the poll. This is a premium feature.

Apr 2023

More theme options

We added many more background templates, e.g. business & money, baby, badminton, workout, eid al-fitr, princess, and animals. See the thumbnails of all the new themes here:

Mar 2023

iCal file added to email

When the organizer picks the final date/time option for an event the email that gets sent to the guests now includes an iCal file. That makes it easier for the recipients to add the picked date/time to their calendar.

Jan 2023

New look on desktop

We’ve update the layout on the RSVP page for desktop to make the date options stand out more.

Screenshot showing the new RSVP layout

We also added a compact view which omits showing the poll results to make it easier for guests to enter their votes.

Screenshot showing the new compact RSVP layout
Jan 2023

Support for additional currencies

We’ve added support for additional currencies. When purchasing either the OneTime Premium or the Premium subscription you can now pay in U.S. Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) or British Pounds (GBP). Of course no purchase is needed for using our basic plan.

Dec 2022

Message section and guest names

We made a minor update to the layout of the messages section and in the process we also added that the messages display how long ago they were posted.

The organizer has had the ability to change his guests’ names but now the guests can do that themselves. The organizer can keep track of name changes in the change history log.

Dec 2022

More themes added

This round we added e.g. shopping, travel, volunteering, and kids themes. What theme would you like to see? Please, keep your suggestions coming!

Dec 2022

iOS and Android Updates

Few additional updates to the iOS and Android apps:

  • Change history logs added for the organizer's view.
  • Messages now include the time since they were posted.
  • Guests can update their display name in polls.
Nov 2022

iOS and Android Updates

We’ve been busy upgrading the core codebase for our iOS and Android apps. We also added a few features and fixed minor bugs. If you are the poll’s organizer you can delete a message in the poll. Also, now the apps indicate if you have any unread messages in a poll:

Screenshot showing the message notification badge
Oct 2022

Auto-reminder Settings

In addition to adjusting how far ahead of the RSVP date the auto-reminders are sent you can now choose to cancel them altogether if you don’t want any reminders sent out. The auto-reminder settings feature is available in Premium polls only.

auto-reminder settings dialog screenshot
Oct 2022

Add a Personal Message

You can now add a personal message to your guests when you manually close a poll and when you re-open a poll. You can also silently both close and re-open a poll, i.e. without notifying your guests about the change.

Sep 2022

New Help Center Articles

Check out our new articles in the . There are now guides on how to use the OneTime Premium, how to save your Guest Groups, how to use a Theme in your poll, and more.

Sep 2022

Saving Guest Groups

We’ve made it easier for you to create a guest group. Now you can simply save the list of guests that are already in any of your polls. From the poll’s settings drop-down menu select "Save Guests". The guest group will include guests from both the "Voted" and the "Waiting on" sections.

create a guest group
Sep 2022

Voting enabled in the Table View

Now you and your guests can enter your votes in all three view modes, i.e. the Votes Default View, the Calendar View, and now also in the Table View:

vote in table view example
Sep 2022

Download formatted .xlsx data

With polls you can now download the poll data both in a plain .csv file format or in a formatted .xlsx file format. Here is an example of a formatted .xlsx file:

xlsx formatted poll data example
Sep 2022

Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holiday theme options!

We added a few more theme options for business, golf, and the upcoming holidays. Check out our new halloween and Thanksgiving themes, the ugly sweater theme, and our many festive themes.

Aug 2022

Better time zone handling

We’ve improved how we handle and display events in different time zones. If you or your guests are in a different time zone from the time zone the event is created for you can easily switch between them. The times will reflect the time zone you select in all available views, i.e. in the default, calendar, and table view.

Aug 2022

More "add to calendar" options added

You can now save the date to 7 calendar options:

save to calendar options
Jul 2022

Organizer can delete messages in the poll

The organizer can now click on any message in the Message section of the poll and delete the message.

Jun 2022

Additional theme options!

Themes added for travel, London, Italy, Netherlands, and Paris! Also more options for gaming, gardening, sushi, magic, partying, and more. Try these when your create your next poll.

Jun 2022

Use Cases

We added a few use case examples. Check them out .

May 2022

Cover image and logo

Many of you have asked to upload your own images and logos to feature in your polls. Now you can! For any you can now customize it with your own cover image or a logo.

Here is an example of a poll with a cover image:

cover image example

Here is an example of a poll with a custom logo:

logo example

This feature is only available on the web but will soon be coming to the iOS and Android apps.

May 2022

Poll result formats

We found that the table view was such a helpful addition to the default poll view that we decided to make that available to all our users. Both organizer and the guests (unless the guest list is private) can now view the poll results in both formats.

Here is an example of the table view:

votes in a table view
Apr 2022

More themes!

We added animal themes, painting and knitting themes, a running theme and many more. Check them out!

Apr 2022

Table View

With Premium polls, the organizer has been able to view the poll results in both the Default View and in the . Now we’ve extended the Table View option for Premium polls to the recipients of the poll too (when the guest list is visible to other guests).

Apr 2022


Choose the rsvp voting options your guests have for your poll. Don’t want the indecisive "maybe" responses? Only care about the actual "yes" replies? Now you can adjust the settings when you create a poll and pick YES/MAYBE/NO, YES/NO, or the YES only option.

Mar 2022

Poll change history

The poll organizer can now see the history of the main changes that have been made to the poll.

view change history animation
Mar 2022

More controls!

Did you want to fix that typo you made in the poll title or when entering the guest name? Well, now you have the power to do so! From the poll settings menu, you can choose to update the poll title and by clicking on a guest name, you’ll see an option to edit it.

Feb 2022

24-hour time format & start of week Monday

We are listening to your feedback, and have now added a 24-hour time format! In the calendar view, you can choose between a 12-hour (1:00 PM) and a 24-hour (13:00) time format.

Does your week start on a Sunday or a Monday? Now you can simply switch the calendar between starting the week on a Sunday or a Monday, depending on your preference. Also, if you are so inclined, you can choose to include the calendar week number as well.

We hope that the additional calendar customization and time format setting will make your planning easier!

Feb 2022

Themes for environment, science, podcast, and more

Make your poll stand out by using one of our many themes. We recently added new themes for environment, science, dessert, podcast, surfing, pool, spring, and more. Our theme selection continues to grow as we add more and more themes from your suggestions.

Jan 2022

One Click Voting

We’ve simplified the voting by eliminating the popup dialog when voting. Now it is a one click action to enter a vote for a specific date/time suggestion.

On a desktop/laptop this is how voting looks now:

one click voting on desktop animation

On a mobile browser (mobile app updates coming soon) the updated UI makes it super easy to vote:

one click voting on mobile
Dec 2021

Search for the Right Theme

With our growing theme selection we wanted to make it easier for you to find the right theme for your event. We added a basic search so that now you can type in a keyword and we’ll match it to our available templates. Remember that if you don’t find the theme you are looking for, let us know what we are missing and we’ll consider including it in our next theme upgrade.

Dec 2021

New Themes for Food, Outdoor activity, Art, and more.

Planning a hike or a camping trip? A photo shoot or a family reunion? An art & wine night with friends? We have themes for that! We’ve also added themes for science, xmas, cheerleading and more.

Nov 2021

Delightful Emails with Themes

When you add a theme to your poll your emails are now also decorated with the theme. Pick one of our many theme options to use with your next poll and see how delightful the emails (and of course the poll too!) look.

email with a movie theme screenshot
email with a popsicle theme screenshot
Nov 2021

Adding Guests Upgrade

The section for adding guests to your poll has received a facelift. We’ve separated the two ways of adding guests to your poll to make the options clearer. Either you share the poll with a general link (the shareable link) and your guests add themselves to your poll or you enter the guests yourself in the poll and each guest receives a unique link in an email. We’ve added more text within the sections for each method to explain how this works.

add guests section animation
Oct 2021

Search Contacts in iOS and Android Apps

We improved the performance and UI for when you add guests to your poll in both the iOS and Android apps. You can now search your contacts for quicker selection. If you haven’t already, check out our (ads free!) app on the or .

search contacts in apps screenshot
Oct 2021

More background templates!

We’ve added more themes to go with your polls. Planning a parent meeting for your team? Check out our many sports-themed templates. Organizing a dog owner meetup in the park? Use one of our cute dog-themed backgrounds. Are you a city planner or a project leader? We’ve got templates to cover all kinds of group meetings, both for business or school as well as for social gatherings. Our latest release includes also pride, cowboy, birthday, decorative, and some seasonal themes.

Oct 2021

WhenAvailable Mentions on the Web

Check out our new page! The page lists blogs, articles, or comparison sites where WhenAvailable has been mentioned. Let us know if we are missing anything

Oct 2021

Pick Final Date

When your guests have voted in your poll you can mark the date you pick for your event. Your guests will then be notified of the date selection. Our users have mentioned that they’ve had a hard time finding where to pick the final date so we’ve moved it to a better location to the right of the votes:

pick final date screenshot
Sep 2021

New Help Center!

We’ve started adding articles with step-by-step guides as well as information on various things that WhenAvailable has to offer. We’ll be adding more guides along the way, but check out what we created already.

help center screenshot
Sep 2021

Better Vote Details

We’ve improved how you can access and view the vote details in your poll. Each date/time option has a vote details link which reveals how your guests voted for that option. You can view the vote details simultaneously for multiple date/time options. Your guests can also view the vote details unless you have opted to hide the guest list.

vote details screenshot
Aug 2021

Download Poll Data

We’ve added an option for premium polls to download the poll data in a CSV format. This enables the organizer to download the poll data, i.e. how the guests voted for each date/time suggestion, and import it to a spreadsheet application. Any poll can be upgraded to a premium poll either with the OneTime Premium upgrade or with the Premium subscription. Downloading the poll data is currently available on the web only.

Aug 2021

More Themes: Yoga, chess, disco, horses, etc

We are listening to your theme suggestions! Look what we just added:

Aug 2021

Increased privacy for polls with a hidden guest list

If the organizer opted to hide the guest list then only s/he can add a public chat message in the poll. However, the guests (with verified email) will be able to send private messages to the organizer if the organizer has that option enabled.

June 2021

Better event details

We’ve learned from your feedback that the event details field did not allow for enough content. We’ve improved on that so now you can include all the details you want!

Did you miss something in your event details and you’ve already shared the poll? Don’t worry! Starting from our latest release, you can also edit the details anytime after you create the poll.

June 2021

New Summer Themes

We’ve been listening to your theme suggestions and added more summer and food related selections. Find when your friends are available for a bbq or a picnic with a beautiful WhenAvailable poll.

May 2021

Themes, Themes, Themes!

We just added new themes for biking, tennis, fishing, music, and more. Keep your suggestions for additional themes coming!

May 2021

Calendar view for your replies

Now your poll will also display the suggested dates in a calendar view. The calendar view is available to you both as the organizer and as the guest.

The calendar view allows you to import your Google Calendar which makes it easier to see at a glance which dates work best for you.

You can enter your vote for any particular date that is suggested from the calendar view and, if you are the organizer, you can add additional dates to your poll right there from the calendar.

Apr 2021

More fun Themes!

Check out the new themes for golf, graduation, camping, kids play, and more:

Apr 2021

Suggest multiple additional days in your existing poll

We’ve made it easier for users to add multiple additional days to an existing poll. Add multiple dates and then choose whether or not to notify the guests who have already voted, about the additional days.

Mar 2021

Same time for multiple dates

Add the same time slot to multiple, selectable, dates when creating a poll. Users can now select which dates to apply the same time to which makes it easier to include multiple, repeated, time options in the poll.

Mar 2021

Android & iOS apps launched

Both Android & iOS users can rejoice as their favorite web application is now also available as native apps on their devices!

We’re proud to announce the launch of WhenAvailable on Google Play for Android and on the Apple Store for iOS.

Get it on Apple Store
Get it on Apple Store
Get it on Google Play
Mar 2021

New additional Themes

Thank you all for your theme suggestions—keep them coming! We’ve added a few more options based on your feedback like music, summer, and ocean:

Jan 2021

Outlook option added to save to calendar

You can now save the date to your Google calendar, Yahoo calendar, iCal, and Outlook

Jan 2021

More themes

Our latest theme additions, café, bridal shower, solid backgrounds, movie, and more:

Dec 2020

Check out our new promo videos!

Make fun plans with your friends and find when works best for everyone with WhenAvailable.

Add character to your poll using one of our many themes.

Real-time polling—watch your poll as the votes come in, page reloading is history.

Dec 2020

Camping, beach trip, gaming and more fun themes!

Our theme concept has been well received, so we are adding more options. We plan to gradually add more variety and welcome your input!

Dec 2020

with Apple added

Apple users, we are here for you too! We’ve now added the option to sign-in with Apple so now users can choose between signing-in with email & password, Google, or Apple.

Nov 2020

Introducing Themes!

How about adding some character to you poll? Are you planning a holiday brunch, birthday party, bookclub meeting, or a game night? Jazz up your poll and find when works best for your friends with WhenAvailable. We’ll be adding more themes as we go and welcome your ideas.

Nov 2020

Stripe portal to manage your subscription

Stripe recently made a customer portal available which we are now enabling for our subscribers. From the "My Profile" page you can now manage your Premium subscription, like updating your credit card, or canceling the subscription, directly in the portal.

Aug 2020

FAQ added

We’ve compiled a list to help answer the most common questions we receive. However, please feel free to reach out to us if these don’t answer your questions or you need any clarification. We are here to help.

Jun 2020

Real-time Polls

We are so excited to announce that we upgraded our system so that your polls always reflect real-time data. This applies to everything on the poll reply page, from the poll details, votes, and chat. Watch the votes come in as they happen, or chat with your guests in real time. Reloading the page is now history!

As this is a major milestone we decided to make this the beginning of our "What’s New" page.