Integration API

Effortlessly create pre-filled availability polls directly from your website.

WhenAvailable offers a seamless API integration empowering your website users to initiate pre-filled availability polls on our platform with a single click. This integration ensures a cohesive user experience and eliminates the need for manual data entry, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Key Features:

Integration Made Simple:

  1. Data Object Creation: Construct a data object on your website encompassing the information you wish to transmit to WhenAvailable.
  2. Date/Time Customization (Optional): Seamlessly specify preferred date and time options, while adhering to best practices that suggest avoiding an excessive number of choices to ensure clarity and decisive results.
  3. Button or Link Integration: Effortlessly incorporate a button or link on your website containing the generated URI, empowering users to initiate poll creation and sharing with ease.
  4. Theme Selection: Discover the ideal theme identifier on our comprehensive page to achieve a visually captivating and thematically aligned poll experience.

Embrace WhenAvailable's API integration to elevate your website's scheduling capabilities, foster effortless poll creation, and streamline the process of finding the perfect time for any event.

Example data object construction:

var dataToWhenAvailable = JSON.stringify({
    ref: 'Hiking Adventures',
    title: 'Guided hike in Italy',
    dates: [
        '2024-06-24 08:00',
        '2024-07-08 08:00',
        '2024-07-22 08:00',
        '2024-08-05 08:00',
        '2024-08-19 08:00'
    location: 'Verona, Italy',
    tz: 'GMT+01:00 CET Europe/Rome',
    theme: 'theme-free-ah-1003',
    description: 'The hike is 5 days and include breakfast and tracking.'
var target = ''
var encodedData = encodeURIComponent(dataToWhenAvailable)
var url = target.concat(encodedData)

Full example: