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Frequently Asked Questions

When you buy a OneTime Premium you can upgrade any one of your polls.

Open the poll you wish to upgrade and you’ll see below the title and the rsvp date of the poll a link to upgrade the poll. Click on that link to apply the OneTime Premium to the poll.

use one time link screenshot

The email might have landed in your guests’ spam folder instead of in their inbox.

Ask them to search for an email from in their inbox and spam folders.

Alternatively, you can send them the shareable link which you’ll find on your poll page. With the shareable link your guests will be able to add themselves to the poll. Do avoid duplicates, you can always remove a guest from your poll by clicking on your guest’s name in the poll.

The easiest way is probably switching the calendar view to week view and selecting the time slots there:

We offer two kinds of premiums: and

The OneTime Premium is a single purchase while the Premium Membership is an annual subscription. You can cancel your Premium Membership any time with no obligation. After you cancel you will keep all your premium benefits until the current subscription expires.

You can upgrade any time, i.e. either before or after you create your poll.

When you purchase a OneTime Premium you have the option of either creating one premium poll or upgrading one existing poll.

When you purchase Premium Membership all your previous polls will also become premium.

With Premium Membership you can store more than one guest group for an easy access whenever you create a poll. That is most beneficial if you poll multiple groups regularly.

Both the OneTime Premium and Premium Membership offer these benefits:

  • You can include unlimited number of guests (apposed to up to 20 people with basic).
  • You can send email reminders to those guests who have not voted yet (when their email address is included in the poll).
  • You can adjust when the automatic reminder is emailed, i.e. 1,2 or 4 days before the closing date of the poll.
  • You can view the votes in a table view to see at a glance who voted how. The suggested dates are on the x-axis and the guest names are on the y-axis.
  • You can vote on behalf of your guests.
  • You can download the poll data in a CSV format.
You can cancel your subscription anytime from the page. You need to be signed in to access your profile. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged next year. You will continue to have access to your premium benefits until your current subscription expires.
Absolutely. If you are unhappy with the application or if it doesn’t meet your expectations, we will issue a full refund. It usually takes 5-10 business days for the refund to process. Please send us a line and we’ll try our best to make things right.

The email might have landed in your spam folder. Try searching for an email with the subject or from a sender .

If you don’t find the email in your inbox or in your spam folder, try saving to your contacts. Then request another verification email from the page.

If you think you might have deleted the email, you can always request another verification email from the page.

For each poll, you can either send an email from WhenAvailable, share a general link to the poll, or both. However, it can be confusing to the recipient, if you use both methods for the same poll, so we advise against it.

When you add guests to the poll they’ll each receive an email with a unique link to the poll. If those same guests also receive the shareable link and attempt to add themselves to the poll using that link the poll won’t allow it. To fix that you can either:

  • Ask your guests to search their email (inbox & spam) for an email sent from whenavailable@whenavailable.com and open the poll from the email instead of from the shareable link.
  • Remove the guests you added from your poll so that each guest can add him/herself to the poll. When you have removed the guests from the poll they won’t be able to open the poll from the email anymore.

To avoid confusion though, we advise against using both methods for the same poll.

Yes we do! If you are a nonprofit organization, send us a note to: to request a special nonprofit pricing.

Try accessing your poll on a different device. The site is optimized for all screen sizes, so check on your mobile if you are having issues on your laptop or vice versa.

Most commonly this occurs if you are behind a corporate firewall or proxy. Our database needs access to a number of domains under googleapis.com over port 443. Your proxy needs to be configured to whitelist https://*.googleapis.com/