OneTime Premium

OneTime Premium offers you to upgrade a single poll. Check out the premium benefits on the page.

Upgrades are available from the page
  1. 1
    Plans & Pricing

    Navigate to the page from the poll settings drop down menu or from the top menu.

  2. 2
    Buy OneTime

    Locate the "Buy OneTime" button in the OneTime Premium column on the page. Follow the simple checkout steps for buying the OneTime Premium.

Upgrade your poll with a OneTime Premium
  1. 1
    Upgrade your poll

    After you’ve bought the OneTime premium upgrade you’ll have to apply it to a poll of your choice. Your polls will now show a link to enable you to upgrade the poll. Click on the link if you are in the poll that you wish to upgrade.

Your Premium poll
premium poll
  1. 1
    Premium banner

    When you have upgraded your poll it will show a "premium" banner above the poll’s title in the organizer’s view. The guests won’t see a change.

  2. 2
    Premium Benefits

    In the poll’s settings drop-down menu you’ll see all the Premium benefits enabled, like adding a cover image, or downloading the poll’s data.