How to Limit Votes

You can limit the votes per date/time for "Yes only" RSVP polls. For example, if you need to fill timeslots for an event you simply create a poll with a "Yes only" RSVP option and then set the limit for each date/time. Your guests can vote for any date/time suggestion that has not been filled.

limit votes per date/time option

To use this feature, you can either buy a OneTime Premium and use it to upgrade your poll or buy a Premium Subscription. See more on our page.

  1. 1
    Date/time settings

    Click on the icon at the top right corner of a date/time suggestion to reveal the available settings.

  2. 2
    Set number

    Set the number you want to limit the voting to. You can set the limit independently for each date/time suggestion or apply the same limit to all. Hit the "Save" button to save your setting.