How to Create a Poll

A step-by-step guide on how to create your first WhenAvailable poll.

where to sign in screenshot
  1. 1
    Open the Create Poll page

    Enter the page to start setting up your poll.

  2. 2

    In order to create a poll you need to be signed in.
    If you are signing in with the email/password option then you’ll need to verify your email before you can create the poll.

event details screenshot
  1. 3
    Enter the event details

    There are 3 required fields:

    • The title of the event
    • Your name as you want it displayed in the poll
    • The date the poll closes (i.e. the last date people can enter their votes).
Select the dates using the Month View or select time slots using the Week View

Note that you can also import your Google Calendar

Select using Month View
  1. 4
    Select date options

    Select the date options from the calendar. Note that you can also click and drag to cover a date range, like a full weekend.

  2. 5
    Add time (optional)

    You can add a time for each date option, or add the same time to multiple date options by using the add time to multiple dates link.

Select using Week View
  1. 6
    Switch to Week View

    Select week from the calendar controls just above the calendar.

  2. 7
    Select time slots

    Click and drag to select time slots from the calendar.

select dates and times the from week view
  1. 8
    Create Poll

    Once you’ve added the event details and the date/time options hit the Create Poll button. After the poll has been created you can invite your guests.

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